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Buy Roti Online

Photo of Dhal Puri Roti to Buy Online UK

If you are missing your Trinidad and Tobago treats then you can go to Trini Roti Shack and order them for delivery in the UK and Northern Island. They have lots of products including Doubles, Roti, Pholourie and Aloo Pie. Also at Christmas they have essentials like Trinidad Black (Rum) Cake.

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Pastelles and Black Cake

Photo of Trini Pastelles

Christmas in Trinidad and Tobago is about spending time with friends and family. This always involves lots of food and drink and just because you are in the UK doesn't mean that you cant enjoy Trinidad and Tobago Christmas treats. At Trini Roti Shack you can order Pastelles and Black Cake for delivery within the UK. Pastelles have several options for fillings including Pork and Beef, Beef only and chicken.

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