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The Top 10 Beaches in the Caribbean

The Top 10 Beaches in the Caribbean

Holidays are the pinnacle of most people’s year, and the majority of the population save up their hard-earned cash to go just once. Now, this makes a holiday all the more special and should be absolutely perfect. But, the only problem is that it can be difficult do decide where to go with so many beautiful destinations around the world. When we envision a great holiday; we imagine soft white sand, refreshing drinks to enjoy in the hot sun and bright blue warm waters.

So, this instantly takes us to the Caribbean. The Caribbean is comprised of many stunning countries and there is still a great variety of choice. But, they all generally share some amazing factors – they all have those delicate white beaches, the tropical drinks, incredible culture, tasty delicacies and vibrant waters.

Like we’ve just touched on, there is still a wide choice in the Caribbean, so we’ve put together 10 of the best beaches. After all, when you’re searching for a holiday people often delve into pictures of the beach!

Here they are…

Pigeon Point, Tobago

If you’re thinking of going to Tobago, then you must have come across Pigeon Point. It is often referred to as Tobago’s best beach, and this is because it plays host to the famous thatch-roofed jetty which stretches out into the blue ocean. Due to its beauty, this feature has become internationally recognised as the signature of Tobago. Other than this, it also has the lovely palm trees, the warm sand and the soft waves in the water.

Shoal Bay, Anguilla

Anguilla used to be a secret getaway within the Caribbean, but not anymore! People quickly caught on to its entertainment, its beauty and its variety of amazing beaches. But, one of the best is Shoal Bay which lies on the Atlantic side of the island. There is plenty of space for sunbathing with 2 miles of white sand, and there is also an equipment rental on the beach if you get bored.

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

On the island of Trinidad, you’ll find the popular beach of Maracas Bay. There is no surprise that it is so popular, as the 1.25 mile stretch of sand and the bluey-green waters is an attraction in itself. But, if you then add the scorching Caribbean sun, the surf culture and the tasty bake & shark street food, you have perfect beach to have fun and relaxation.
Maracas Bay is actually known as the home of bake & shark! When you go you have to try Richards Bake and Shark. This is one of the highlights of any trip to Maracas! Look on Tripadvisor for great reviews of the famous food shack.

Richards Bake and Shark

For More infomation on Maracas have a look at Destination TT website

Eagle Beach, Aruba

This is by far one of the best beaches in Aruba and people who take a trip there often return many, many times. Why? Well, because of the gorgeous setting, the liveliness due to all of the people, the refreshing cocktails and the white sand & sun. It can get very busy at times due to its popularity, but that is a huge positive as you can really feel the Caribbean vibe.

Boston Bay, Jamaica

When you think of Jamaica, you automatically think of Jerk food! So, what better than a beautiful beach that is full of Jerk stands!? This means you’ll be able to tuck into some great local food while taking in the suns’ rays on the divine white sand. Boston Bay is also known for its surfing, and many people actually say it’s the best surfing spot throughout Jamaica.

Bottom Bay Jamaica

Crane Beach, Barbados

Most people have heard of Barbados, and rightly so – it’s a spectacular Caribbean destination. Subsequently, people have probably also heard of its most famous beach – Crane Beach. This beach is one of the reasons why a lot of people head to Barbados, and its traditional long stretch of white sand with the blue waters gives it a great open feel. But, the iconic cliffs surrounding the beach gives it a nice little sense of seclusion.

Cable Beach, Bahamas

Located in the region of Nassau; Cable Beach is thought of as one of the finest beaches in the Bahamas due to its luxury factor. Not only do you have the typical white sand and crystal blue waters, you also have five-star resorts lining the beach. Plus, you have water sports, plenty of space, a nearby golf-course and vivacious nightlife.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

This beach is appropriately named due to its iconic curved shape. It possesses all of the Caribbean’s trademark features, such as the stunning blue waters and pretty pink sand. Although there is plenty of space to just relax and catch a tan, there is also a range of things to do such as water sports, surfing and caving.

Pinney’s Beach, St Kitts and Nevis

Pinney’s Beach is really one to write home about. The long stretch of sand and water is perfect for spending a whole day out. Now, if you are spending the whole day at Pinney’s Beach, there are various things to do. For example, there is a lagoon situated just behind the beach which is a brilliant additional aspect.

Darkwood Beach, Antigua

If you’re heading to Antigua, you must visit the Darkwood Beach! It’s got the sand, it’s got the warm water, and the best part is that there are no buildings at all to crowd the luscious environment. It’s very easy to get to and you’ll be able to spend the whole day there just relaxing and absorbing the suns’ rays.



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