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How to Plan the Perfect Party

How to Plan the Perfect Party for an Occasion

 There a whole host of different reasons why you may want to plan a party, and most of them are associated with a special event. So, if your mom and dad have a 50th wedding anniversary coming up, you may want to throw an awesome party to celebrate. Alternatively, if you’re son is turning 18, you may want to mark the occasion with a memorable party. Whatever your reason is; you’ll need to know how to plan one perfectly!

From the outside, it may seem extremely easy. However, there are a tonne of different aspects that need covering in order for the party to flourish and be a success. Now, we are here to help you, and if you follow our step by step guide you’ll be just fine…

Step 1: Decide budget, theme and date/time

 Firstly, it’s important to build a solid foundation. Deciding on a budget will allow you to determine what you can and can’t have at your party, and will ensure you plan accordingly. Also, it’s important that you plan the theme before starting to book things. So, if it’s an 18th birthday party, you’ll want it to be cool and trendy, rather than having cheesy features.

Next, you’ll want to mark a suitable date and time on your calendar. This is crucial as you don’t want to plan your whole party to find out no-one can make it. To avoid this, gather a rough idea for what a convenient date and time would be. Usually, weekends are best.

 Step 2: Source a venue

Now that you have the foundations to build from, you can begin to search for a venue. Of course, you’ll need to take into account the amount of people attending, your theme and how much food space that is required. On the other hand, if you are planning a small event, it may save costs to host it at your house.

You can also look for suitable venues on the internet like venue finder

 Step 3: Arrange food

 Everyone knows that a party isn’t a party without food. People love to nibble and enjoy delicious food to accompany their drinks and to allow them to replenish after lots of dancing. The food section of a party is also where people who may not be familiar with each other often start conversations and get to know each other.

Step 4: Discover a DJ

Elaborating on the last step; a party also isn’t a party without fantastic music. Can you imagine a party in complete since? We certainly can’t. So, scour the web or ask people you may know for a trusted DJ to play music at your party. When liaising with a potential DJ, make sure they understand what type of music you want them to play!

Step 5: Invite guests

At this stage, your party has essentially been planned and the only thing that would be missing is friendly faces. Consider the theme and occasion and plan your guest list in accordance with those. Sticking to the reference we made earlier; if it is an 18th birthday party, invite the immediate and wider family as well as all of their friends.

 Step 6: Enjoy the party

 Follow the above steps and you’ll have a perfect party that will create amazing memories. All that is left is to look forward to the occasion and enjoy it!



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