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Paria Bay, Trinidad

The secluded Paria Beach can be accessed by hiking trail through Blanchisseuse or Matelot, or by boat. The journey provides breath-taking views of stacks, arches, caves and other natural formations along the coastline. The hiking option starts at the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge and takes adventurers through the North Coast Forest, over uphill climbs and downhill slides, and ends at Paria Bay after approximately two (2) hours. Though some hikers have regarded the hiking level as strenuous, it is doable even for inexperienced hikers and first-timers.

During this coastal hike, travellers will come across a majestic 50ft peninsula known as Turtle Rock. Its name is derived from the green and marine turtles that frequent the surrounding Caribbean Sea. This spot overlooks the coast and is an ideal backdrop for pictures.

Paria Bay is approximately 1.15km long lined with coconut trees that hang over silky smooth sand that becomes a nesting ground for Leatherback Turtles from the months March to September. Though the Bay is not ideal for swimming because waters can get choppy, visitors can immerse themselves in the calming waters at the river’s mouth on the eastern end of the beach.

On the western end of the beach is an arch called Cathedral Arch or Paria Arch. Though the arches were caused by sea erosion, the natural reconstruction is a sight to behold.

Paria is a popular camping location as it is one of the places to experience Trinidad’s raw and natural beauty.

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