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Dunns River Falls and Park, Jamaica

Dunns River Falls are located near Ocho Rios and are one of the top tourist destinations whilst in Jamaica.

Once you arrive at the falls you will be assigned a guide who will take you up the waterfall.

Dunns River Falls - Jamaica

The waterfalls are 180ft high and 600ft long and take about an hour to climb. The falls are like giants steps and can be climbed with a guide. There are also stairs, alongside of the falls, for those who do not want to get wet or are unable to manage the rocky, uneven terrain of the actual waterfall.

Rates For Dunn’s River Falls & Park

These are entrance rates for Dunn’s River Falls & Park (effective April 1, 2009)

Non-Resident Adults – US$15

Non-Resident Children (2-11 years) – US$12

Resident Adults – J$600

Resident Children (2-11 years) – J$300



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